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Pot size 15 cm
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The Begonia masoniana Jungle is one of the four Begonia masoniana species from the Eden Collection that were discovered in the jungle in Vietnam. Discover the world by bringing this plant into your home! What makes these plants so special is the texture of the leaf and the height differences of the leaf stems and therefore the leaf. The hairs that grow on the leaves give the plant a unique shine. The Begonia Jungle prefers a spot with clear, indirect light since too much direct sunlight can cause sunburn on the leaves. It is important to keep the soil slightly moist. Watering a little every week is enough. Do you want to know more about how to take care of the plant?  Watch the video of Mama Botanica that she made especially for the Begonia masoniana species, in Dutch.


Begonia River


A Begonia is a plant that exists in many different species, there are more than 1000 known species of Begonias. This makes the Begonia one of the most etensive genera of botanica. One of them is Begonia masoniana. The Eden Collection range has four Begonia masoniana varieties. These four varieties are discovered at unique places in Vietnam.  You can read more about these adventures at the label of the plant. The four varieties are Begonia Jungle, Begonia Mountain, Begonia River en Begonia Rock.

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