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Callisia Turtle - Eden Elegance

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Pot size 5,5 cm,10,5 cm
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The Callisia turtle is a striking, compact little plant with very small scale like grey-green leaves that have a surprising purple underside. This plant is therefore also known as the ‘turtle plant’. It is best to water this plant from the bottom up, otherwise it may start to rot. It is best if you place this plant in a shady or well light spot, but not in full sunlight. During the summer, this plant can also survive quite well outside in a shady spot.

This plant is originally from South Africa.

Callisia turtle


Callisia is part of the plant family of Commelinaceae. This is a large plant family of 19 different Callisia varieties. The Eden Collection includes two from this special family. These plants are from the Western hemisphere of southern Africa. Their generic name is derived from the Greek word Kallos which means beauty.


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