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Delosperma echinatum - Pickle plant

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icon-water 1x wk Water
icon-sun direct Light
icon-temperature 12-25 Temperature
icon-nutriments 1x pm Nutrition
Pot size 5,5 cm,7,5 cm,12 cm
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Ideal for industrial, jungle Style
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The Delosperma echinatum is also referred to as the ‘Pickle-plant’. This plant has small gherkin shaped leaves that are covered in little white hairs. The leaves grow to about 2.5 cm in length and are light green in colour. In the summer months, this plant can produce yellow flowers. Water this plant when the soil feels dry to touch.

This unique plant originally comes from South Africa.

Delosperma echinatum


Delosperma is a species family of fixed plants. These plants can grow upright, flat, as creeper, and even on rocks. The differences in varieties are considerable in terms of leaves, colours and sizes.

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