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Monstera adansonii - Eden Jungles

Eden Jungles
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icon-water 1x wk Water
icon-sun indirect Light
icon-temperature 15-25 Temperature
icon-nutriments 1x pm Nutrition
Pot size 12 cm,15 cm
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Ideal for jungle Style
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The Monstera adansonii is a real eye-catcher due to the holes in the leaf! In his natural environment this plant loves to climb. If you want this too in your livingroom, you can support it with, for example, a moss stick, but the plant is also very beautiful as a hanging plant. The Monstera adansonii cannot withstand too much light. Therefore, place in the shade of partial shade. The plans like to get a little water every week.



The Monstera adansonii is part of the Monstera family. Monsteras are native to Central and South America and belong to the arum family.

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