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Monstera minima - Eden Jungles

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icon-water 1x wk Water
icon-sun indirect Light
icon-temperature 15-25 Temperature
icon-nutriments 1x pm Nutrition
Pot size 15 cm
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This unique plant has a special growth method, namely sideways. The unique thing about this plant is that it has been seeing holes in the leaves from an early age. This is in contrast to the popular Monstera deliciosa. The Monstera minima is also a fast grower. Perfect for plant lovers who like to see their plant grow.

It is also not difficult to take care of this plant and therefore suitable for everyone. Place the plant in a light spot, he loves to have indirect light. The plant likes moist soil, but with too much water it quickly gets yellow leaves. So beware of watering.  This plant will also do well at spots with less light, the plant will only grow a little less fast.



The botanical name of this plant is the Rhapidophora tetrasperma, but it is usually called mini Monstera or Monstera minima. The plant is therefore not really a Monstera, but they do belong to the Aracaea family, just like the Rhapidophora.

The Monstera minima is a special tropical plant that originally comes from the surroundings of Thailand and Malaysia.

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