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Pilea peperomioides - Chinese Moneymaker

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Pot size 5,5 cm,7 cm,10,5 cm,12 cm,15 cm
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Have you ever heard of the Pilea peperomioides? It is not unusual if you have not, because this is the Latin name for the Pancake plant or Chinese Moneymaker plant. It is actually an old fashioned plant that has become forgotten over the years and is now well and truly on the rise. And justifiably so! This really is a super lovely plant!

This special plant is originally from the Province of Yunnan in China.



The Pilea family is a relatively small plant family that originates from Mid and Tropical America and Asia. The Eden Collection includes four Pilea varieties; Pilea depressa, Pilea depressa sao paulo, Pilea glauca and the recently added plant: the Pilea peperomioides. The first three plants are characterised by small leaves that compactly grow on the pot.

Pilea peperomioides is the odd one out with large round leaves that form a broad span on its long stems. Differences within families can thus be considerably diverse.


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