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Senecio scaposus - Snow Peaks

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icon-water 1x 2wk Water
icon-sun direct Light
icon-temperature 12-25 Temperature
icon-nutriments 1x pm Nutrition
Pot size 10,5 cm
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The Senecio scaposus has distinctive upright greyish-white stalks. Its leaves are actually green, but they are covered in small white felt-like hairs. This plant is originally from Kenya and thus likes plenty of sunlight. This plant needs little water, a small amount every two weeks is sufficient. This plant will definitely bring something unique into your home.

Senecio scaposus


The Senecio genus is one of the largest flowering plant families. This genus includes about 1200 different varieties. The Eden Collection includes several of these, including the Senecio scaposus and the Senecio stapeliaeformis. They are special varieties because of the shape of their leaves and colours. In the South of Africa you can find these two plants in their natural setting. The Senecio family is a succulent family and thus these plants are very hardy and need little care.

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