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Sinocrassula yunnanensis - Napoli Noire

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Pot size 5,5 cm,10,5 cm
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The Sinnocrassula yunnanensis is a real summer plant. This plant has a distinctive dark colour that varies between dark green and dark purple, but light green colours can also be seen in this plant. The leaves grow subtly and stay compact in the pot. The plant can produce flowers from September to October. Place this plant in a well-lit spot, but avoid direct sunlight. The plant will stay at its most beautiful by watering it a little once a week.

This plant is originally from China.

Sinocrassula yunnanensis 23 cm close-up


The Sinocrassula yunnanensis is originally from the Chinese region of Yunnan and can be found in nature in regions around the Himalayas towards Western-China. This plant has a distinctive dark colour and looks great in a Summer Collection dish. The combination of this plant and the colour of its container will ensure a timeless look and will suit any outdoor setting. It makes a perfect gift for someone or for yourself of course.

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